About Our Organization

We are a Canadian outfit dedicated to the promotion of Canadian businesses. Our most obvious goal in that respect, then, is to have as many companies start as possible. However, we don’t want just sheer numbers, but companies which are geared towards success in the long run. We believe this long run view will promote sustainable business practices and prepare our next generation for their corporate responsibilities.


You will find most of our articles relate to the paperwork and bureaucracy surrounding incorporating your company for the first time. The amount of paperwork can be daunting for a first timer. This realization is what spurred our creation. Our objective is to provide a site which makes it easier for you to create a corporation. Any information that you provide to us, either regarding our site or your experience with the incorporation process will help us do this.

Here is just a taste of what we hope to clarify any ambiguity surrounding:

  1. After you have incorporated, there are several government programs involving source deductions and taxes in which you may have to participate. Common requirements are outlined below for an Ontario-based corporation, whether Federally or Provincially incorporated. Depending on your particular business, you may not require registration in all programs.
  2. If you sell items subject to Ontario Retail Sales Tax you must submit the RST that you collect to the Ontario government.
  3. If you sell items subject to the Goods and Services Tax, you may have to submit GST payments to the Federal government.
  4. If your corporation has employees, you must remit Unemployment Insurance premiums, Canada Pension Plan deductions and Income Tax deductions to the Federal government. You will also be required to submit Employee Health Tax premiums and Workers Compensation Board premiums to the Ontario government.

Thanks for your time and drop us a line if you find there’s anything missing at info@gsgc1908.com

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